Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Cerita Lucu : English Please

What is Junglish? Jungle English..like one mentioned below:
Javelish.. The typical Javanese language: 'lho', 'lha', 'tho', 'kok', 'ki', etc
-Lho, I already bought that book !
-Kok, buying again ?
-I told you many times 'tho' !
-Lha, I didn't know ... how ki !?
-Don't be like that, no....!?
Jakartenglish ? Jakarte English is marked by the 'sih', 'deh', 'dong', 'nih', etc
-That book is very good, deh.
-Can you speak english?.. yeah a little sih I can!
-Use my money first nih..
-Give me more dong..
-How sih? Little little angry..
Surobenglish? Suroboyo English is marked by 'tah' 
-Do you feel sick, tah ?
Other exclamation words of Java : 'wo_', 'wah', 'wé_', 'jian', and 'jé_'
-Wé_ lha this book is mine jé...!
-Wo_, only like that tho!
-Wah, expensive, tho?
-Jian, Paijem is so beautiful tenan.
Sundanglish is also available such as 'atuh', 'euy', 'mah'
-Well, if that kind, it pretty so-so atuh
-It can't be that way euy..
-I am mah, not like that... anything else ?
There are also abundant 'sound effect' in Javanesse language.
-Suddenly, mak bedhengus den Tukiman appeared
-My head feels pain, mak cleng!
-Mak tlepok, I got a mango!
-My chicken is suddenly died, mak cekengkeng
-Mak gedebug, Kampreté fell down. ‎​

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